1.Customized separation of target compounds
The type of fingerprint peak is preliminarily determined by analyzing the raw materials, and then the relevant purification scheme is formulated according to the determination results, and then the required target is prepared. Finally, the structure of related compounds is determined by MS, NMR, IR, UV.
2.Study on raw material purification process
According to the needs of customers (product purity, single impurities, etc.), develop or optimize the production process. The developed or optimized process can meet the requirements of enterprises for production cost and product quality.
3.Impurity study
Relying on an efficient separation and purification platform, we can quickly separate the target impurities specified by customers from raw materials, meet the quality requirements of customers, and provide corresponding quality documents.
1. Pharmaceutical research on Chinese patent medicine and natural medicine
It includes research on medicinal materials (decoction pieces), extraction, separation and purification, preparation, quality standard, stability investigation, etc., and provides research services on product production process development in laboratory and pilot scale, change research of original production process, production cost and product quality optimization.
2.Study on classic famous prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine and hospital preparations
Provide reference materials, preparation technology, quality standards and stability research of classic famous prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine; Hospital preparation technology, quality standards, stability research services.
3.Study on processing and quality standard of decoction pieces of traditional Chinese Medicine
Research on the processing technology and quality standard of traditional Chinese medicine; Research on the integration of processing and processing of traditional Chinese medicine in the production area, and establish an SOP for the integration of processing and processing of traditional Chinese medicine in the production area; Study on the processing specifications of characteristic decoction pieces and decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine.
4.Research on food, cosmetics, disinfection products and toiletries based on active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs
Guided by the health care concept of traditional Chinese medicine, give full play to the good health conditioning function and good safety of traditional Chinese medicine and natural active ingredients, and develop a series of health products such as food, cosmetics, disinfection products, toiletries and so on.
1.Fingerprint study
According to the different spectral characteristics of different compounds, modern analytical methods are used to characterize the chemical characteristics of their relative chemical composition and structure by analyzing the commonness and characteristics of the chemical components of raw materials.
2.Structural identification
Using modern spectral techniques such as MS, NMR, X-ray, CD, IR and UV to confirm the structure of compounds is a prerequisite for in-depth discussion of the biological activity, structure-activity relationship, in vivo metabolism, structural modification and artificial synthesis of active ingredients.
3.Stability study
Carry out stability research according to ICH guiding principles: 1. Stability box: annual verification to ensure that the conditions such as temperature, humidity and light meet the stability test requirements; 2. Stability Research Management: provide comprehensive services such as stability research scheme design, project management, stability sample storage and detection, data trend analysis, shelf life evaluation, etc.
4. LC-MS analysis and detection
Rapid analysis of the composition and corresponding content of organic substances in samples has a wide range of applications in the separation and purification of traditional Chinese medicine, quality control, chemical composition analysis, pharmacokinetic research and so on.
5.GC-MS analysis and detection
Solvent residue, pesticide residue, veterinary drug residue and drug residue analysis; Analysis of aroma components of volatile oils, essential oils, essence and fragrances; Analysis of organic pollutants in the environment (analysis of pollution in air, water quality and soil); Analysis and detection of harmful substances in textile industry.