Company profile

RENI(Refined Extraction Natural Ingredients) is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the separation and purification of natural medicine, the research,development and production of reference substances, and the screening of active ingredients (parts).Relying on Sichuan Tianfu aromatherapy Health Technology Research Institute, the company has established production, learning and research cooperation platforms with Chengdu University of traditional Chinese medicine, Jiangxi University of traditional Chinese medicine, Sichuan University and many other domestic well-known universities. With the advantages of advanced technology and expert think tanks, the company is dedicated to provide high-quality services to the global pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics related production enterprises, research institutions, colleges and universities.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerity, precision, diligence and beauty", the company cooperates with customers and peers. We can provide you with the following services:

1、Provide high-quality reference materials, plant extracts, chromatographic columns and scientific research instruments.
2、Provide separation and purification outsourcing technical services, reference material (reference substance) development outsourcing services, impurity separation and structure confirmation outsourcing services.
3、Development and optimization of industrialized and efficient separation and purification process of active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine.
4、Outsourcing services such as production technology, quality standards, pilot production and stability research of traditional Chinese medicine and natural drugs.
5、Outsourcing services such as quality standards and standard improvement of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and traditional Chinese medicine preparations.

Corporate culture

RENI spirit:
Adhere to the heart of craftsman and build the wind of exquisite craftsmanship.
RENI spirit:
With the purpose of integrity, professionalism, efficiency and win-win results, we will work together with people in the industry to promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and contribute to the cause of human health.
RENI service:
With sincere heart, excellent technology and diligent working attitude, all colleagues of elite Tiancheng will provide you with beautiful products and services.
RENI vision:
Become a reliable purchasing base for every researcher.
RENI Employment values:
You may not be excellent, but you must work hard enough, work hard, be responsible and take responsibility to become a better yourself.

Honorary qualification

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